Fresh food from the ground up.

Fresh food from the ground up.

Marko — Naturally plant-based.

Bright, primary colours evoke summery, Mediterranean freshness… a region renowned for its fresh food diet. 

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Brand and marketing strategy
Public relations strategy
Social media strategy
Technical documentation and handover

The Brief

Marko is a new plant-based and sustainability focused diner in South Melbourne, serving up local, all-natural food.

Think HQ was tasked with building a unique brand identity for Marko and establishing a presence across both social and traditional media.

The brief for Marko was pretty straight-forward: make a plant-based casual dining experience feel cool and modern, but comfortable and friendly at the same time. The client didn’t want to scream “vegan” – they wanted to welcome newbies to plant-based eating with delicious food that also happens to be animal-free. Ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and whole.


The Marko visual identity was inspired by the concept of “Food Nostalgia” — a nod to the days where fresh, locally-grown produce was not a luxury, but a way of life.

The Marko logo itself is inspired by vintage type, with its slight imperfections and idiosyncrasies.

Vintage motifs such as sunbursts, tablecloth checkers, and lozenge shapes are referenced throughout. We keep things feeling modern with bright pops of colour and a playful sensibility.

Bright, primary colours evoke summery, Mediterranean freshness… a region renowned for its fresh food diet.

The Marko “look” is casual and unfussy: it strives to be modern and fun, but also comfortable and friendly. We don’t scream “vegan” or try too hard to be cool.

We aim to strike a balance between visual consistency and playfulness: the logo is not sacrosanct — we allow its format to be tweaked and experimented with to create fun new variations that are particularly suited for use on merchandise or stickers.

Think HQ also developed a public relations and social media strategy focused on Marko’s unique selling point: creating food that’s better. Better tasting and better for you, better for the environment and the local community, and better for the future.

This idea was woven into a host of assets including a press release, FAQ and founders’ story, and pitched to a range of culture and food focused media outlets.   
A tailored social media calendar with both organic and paid posts was developed and implemented, showcasing the great tasting food and highlighting the local, sustainable and all-natural ethos. 


Think HQ achieved broad coverage across high profile print and broadcast media including Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, Urban List, Herald Sun – Taste, Time Out, KIIS 101.1 and Gold 104.3.
Since opening in mid-April, Marko has amassed over 1,000 followers on Instagram and over 200 followers on Facebook.