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Gen Z may have been born into the digital era, but that doesn’t mean that navigating the online world is easy for them – quite the opposite.


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The eSafety Commissioner engaged Think HQ to develop a campaign to encourage young Australians (Gen Z, 13-20) to stay safe online and utilise the great tools and resources that eSafety offers.

Persuade 13-17 year olds at risk of having negative experiences as they navigate the online spaceTo be unapologetic and unfiltered in how they identify, call out and navigate bad behaviour online

By convincing them that we can stay safe online together

Because it’s important to empower young people firstly, to understand that they have the power to question behaviour they’re not comfortable with and then go to seek help if they can’t manage the behaviour on their own

So it feels unfiltered and personal, positive and supportive, informative and empowering

Our two main objectives were:

  1. Promote positive online behaviours
  2. Build confidence in seeking help within our target audience
Communications challenge

How do we empower young people to stay safe online? We don’t want to interrupt what they’re interested in, we want to be what they’re interested in.

Our Idea

We built on the insight that the most qualified people to tell teenagers, or Gen Z, about navigating life online are those who are online today — teenagers.

And as we’ve seen in the past, if this age group gets the slightest sniff that it’s the adults or government talking down to them, or telling them what to do — they will resist and turn off.

So we developed a new youth brand called SCROLL — developed by Gen Z, for Gen Z.

Comprising of 6 talented Young Content Creators who were recruited from around Australia, and aged between 16 and 22 — our SCROLL team members Nya, Patience, Chloe, Dante, Tobias and Elliot collaborated closely with both Think HQ and eSafety to develop this campaign.


Creating tailored content for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, the SCROLL team worked with Think HQ to create engaging and informative creative assets across a range of important topics such as online hate, cyberbullying, finding your community, online relationships and consent.

These creative assets ran across both paid and owned channels, as well as earned PR activity.

Our Approach
  • Recruitment of Young Creative Team (including development and implementation of a recruitment campaign, run across owned and paid channels)
  • Interview and onboarding process with Young Creative Team and Think HQ — including 6 young content creatives hired on a contract basis by Think HQ to work collaboratively with our in-house creative and production teams
  • Creative development of new brand SCROLL including look and feel and brand guidelines
  • Content and social production of creative assets across a range of key topics including online hate, cyberbullying, online relationships & consent. These assets were used in both paid and owned social.
  • PR engagement and media activity across 4 phases

Development of creative assets including:

  • Brand launch video (60”, 30” and 15” edits)
  • SCROLL look and feel and brand guidelines
  • 3 x long form “SCROLL Session” YouTube videos
  • (30 minutes each)
  • 25 static social assets (in-feed, carousel and stories)
  • 14 Instagram Reels
  • 21 TikTok cutdowns
  • Influencer engagement (incl. Consent activist Chanel Contos) = Total of 70+ creative assets


Initial Results

As of Mon 11 July

Top 3 pages in young-people website section related to SCROLL content:

  • Someone threatening to share my nudes – 13,095 pageviews ↑11.68%
  • My nudes have been shared – 1,614 pageviews ↑ 20%

Insights for

Since the launch of the campaign, for date range 20 June – 10 July

Users to /young-people pages are up 2.4% to 15,299, with an increase in new users to site up 7.8% to 12,778 users.

Organic social

As of week three of the campaign, eSafety saw a 4.2% growth in the @scrollwithesafety Instagram account and a 73.4% growth in TikTok

In particular, our TikTok video assets have been really well received, with each video receiving around 2,500 views, 300 likes and 10 comments. This is an incredible achievement considering no paid spend has been put behind the TikTok posts or any advertising on TikTok.

This is a great testament to the strength in our strategy and the creative idea behind SCROLL — developing a campaign for Gen Z, developed Gen Z content creators.

PR Media Activity

The SCROLL youth campaign has attracted significant media attention since launch, generating over 174 hits across radio, print, digital and youth media. To date, the combined reach of media coverage totals 174,572,903 including noteworthy outlets such as The Australian,, The Herald Sun, 7 News, The Daily Telegraph, ABC News and more.

The stakeholder pack was distributed to 123 recipients and achieved excellent engagement so far. Key metrics:

  • Open Rate: 50%
  • Total Opens: 334. This indicates recipients have either engaged with the email multiple times, or forwarded it on.
  • Click Rate: 30

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