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As a trusted language service provider since 2020, we specialise in bridging linguistic gaps and fostering cultural understanding for positive impacts by connecting cultures and creating connections. We engage directly with diverse communities – infusing cultural relevance into documents, websites, advertising materials, videos and voiceovers through our network of 250 NAATI certified translators, proficient in 70+ languages. Our approach values cultural sensitivity to ensure every message resonates authentically across different languages and cultures.

Drawing from vast experience, we've developed a robust translation process that seamlessly blends human expertise with technological efficiency. Stress-tested and refined, we deliver fast turnarounds for large-scale multilingual campaigns. Every project is managed in-house, ensuring quality account management and cohesive collaboration across teams.

Language Services at Think HQ isn’t just about words; it's about creating meaningful connections across cultures. We're here to make sure your message transcends language barriers, leaving a lasting positive impact on people, places, and the planet.

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Multicultural Framework Review

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Speak their language

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AskVic Multilingual Chatbot

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