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Our approach centres on deeply understanding our target audience, moving beyond demographics to grasp their social and cultural contexts influencing beliefs and behaviours. Leveraging tools like data analysis, research and community engagement, we generate nuanced insights informing strategic decisions. We facilitate structured processes that encourage exploration and collaboration – employing methodologies like co-design and narrative development to craft evidence-based strategies.

Narrative framing is pivotal across communication platforms, guiding audience perceptions and actions. We craft compelling frames to capture attention and ensure message consistency and impact – turning passive observers into engaged participants. Creative strategy transforms data into emotionally resonant connections with the audience, inspiring campaigns and brand strategies that influence behaviour.

In today's fast-paced media landscape, effective risk and issues management is crucial for maintaining a positive public image aligned with core values. Think HQ prioritises transparency, inclusivity and social responsibility in reputation management, leveraging decades of expertise across politics, corporate roles and governance to navigate complex challenges with integrity.

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ISO 20252 Market, Opinion and Social Research

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It stops with me.

It stops with me.

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Early Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Early Cancer Screening Saves Lives

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