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How do we kindle a broader audience’s interest in a complex, multicultural and multilingual landscape? The simple answer is to tap into shared human experiences and engaging narratives.

The strategy? Pitch a podcast series called “The Idiom” to SBS (Special Broadcasting Services) spearheaded by Think HQ CultureVerse’s Head of Localisation, Rune Pedersen. This series aims to delve into the rich tapestry of language and culture. Using idiomatic expressions as a springboard, Pedersen embarked on an intriguing exploration of society, engaging listeners through lively interviews and reflective – and at times odd – musings.

The podcast is more than a collection of fascinating dialogues; it’s an experiment to showcase Think HQ/CultureVerse’s expertise in a compelling and commercially viable format.



Along with writing and producing all eight podcast episodes, we also crafted an engaging visual identity to be used on any promotional material for the project.

The visual identity for the podcast was designed to reflect the entertaining and quirky nature of the content, whilst retaining an element of maturity given that the podcast is also a genuine journey of learning. A warm and eye-catching colour palette and an illustrated version of our affable host, Rune, draws the audience’s eye. Gently humorous illustrations create a feeling of authenticity and whimsy. This is also emphasised through the use of natural media textures and hand-drawn linework.

Each week’s episode has an associated feature illustration, drawing the audience further into the wonderful world of idioms.



SBS commissioned 8 episodes of “The Idiom”, each episode’s length of 15-30 minutes features Rune Pedersen at the helm. The series has earned a spot on Apple Podcast’s front page – a testament to its broad appeal.

Promoted as a newsworthy and captivating series on SBS’s home page, the podcast continues to garner listeners from all of Australia and some international listeners as well. Listeners are enjoying its blend of deep insights and engaging storytelling, resulting in an impressive average rating of 4.5-5 stars on Apple Podcasts.Our innovative approach demonstrates the power of a well-orchestrated narrative, capturing audiences’ attention across cultures and languages.

>> Listen to The Idiom here.

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