Unapologetically us.
Because we stand up for what we believe in, and nothing gets in our way – it’s for the common good.

Think HQ was founded in 2010 by Jen Sharpe. Since our founding, we’ve built a national and international presence, garnered awards and accolades, reimagined what marketing and communications can be, and redefined positive change by bringing a holistic approach to our work through research, strategy and human-centric design.

We’re guided by a shared mission to instigate positive change. Our growth is rooted in unwavering values that serve as our compass for our collective journey. We not only strive to push our own potential, but empower others to do the same.

Embracing the label of being 'authentically authentic,' we celebrate honesty and transparency while recognising the value each individual brings to our team through their unique stories, personalities and backgrounds. Our agency stands to create real change driven by deep research, genuine curiosity and insightful perspectives.

Being different is who we are. Making a difference is what we do. And this is what we value above all else:

Empowering people. 
We believe we have an obligation to ensure all people feel included, respected and valued.
Passionately positive. 
We’re committed to seeking out work that will have a genuinely positive impact for the greater good of us all.
Authentically authentic.
We value honesty, transparency and integrity in everything we do, as a business and as individuals.

Meet some of the people that make it possible

We’re seeking highly skilled and ambitious individuals who value teamwork and kindness, to help us grow Think HQ, advance their careers and create positive change.
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