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Australian Warning System

Emergency Management Victoria

We teamed up with Australian icons to teach the country about emergency icons.



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How could we get people interested in learning the new Australian Warning System?

With a story time, a learning language every culture understands.

Together with Emergency Management Victoria, we identified women aged 25 – 54 are the primary planners for trips and holidays – which is exactly when people should consider the AWS.

We brought the Australian Warning System to life with familiar faces, in a nostalgic setting reminiscent of a beloved kids TV show.

And gave our symbols a whole lot of personality, in a picture book we released to Victorian schools - with films that featured Playschool's Justine Clarke and the voice of Bluey's mum Melanie Zanetti. Driving home that knowing the AWS helps you protect your family.

Then, we worked with community leaders to translate the work (with every nuance) into major languages spoken in Victoria.

The results?

We put 1500 books on Aussie bookshelves

Had over 32,000 organic views (not bad for no spend)

And, most importantly, we helped more Victorians prepare for and protect themselves in extreme weather events.

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