CultureVerse’s multicultural advisory bodies: MAP and YMAP

CultureVerse’s multicultural advisory bodies: MAP and YMAP

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CultureVerse are currently on the lookout for new members to join our Multicultural Advisory Panel (MAP) and Youth Multicultural Advisory Panel (YMAP).

Learn more about the important work that CultureVerse’s MAP and YMAP do to represent, advocate for and communicate with Australia’s multicultural communities. 


What is the Multicultural Advisory Panel (MAP) ? 

The CultureVerse Multicultural Advisory Panel (MAP) is a national advisory body which provides insights and shares expertise about the communication preferences and needs of culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities. 

MAP members are CultureVerse’s trusted advisors, who work collaboratively with the CultureVerse team to ensure multicultural communication and engagement activities can best meet the needs of Australia’s communities. 


What is the Youth Multicultural Advisory Panel (YMAP) ? 

The newly formed Youth MAP is an advisory body established to empower young people, aged between 18-30 years old, to share their perspectives on relevant topics. 

The YMAP will operate across VIC and NSW and work collaboratively with members of the wider Multicultural Advisory Panel to provide insights and sentiment on relevant topics concerning the community across Australia. 

YMAP’s feedback will support projects and campaigns that CultureVerse deliver for our clients, which span a range of sectors, including government, community, education and health.


How do MAP and YMAP members collaborate with CultureVerse? 

MAP and YMAP members work closely with CultureVerse by:

  • sharing insights on relevant topics 

  • attending meetings or consultations with the CultureVerse team 

  • exchanging ideas with an expansive network of community members across Australia 

  • sharing information through their own social media channels and networks to reach a wide audience of people 

  • facilitating sessions with our team  

  • being part of shaping and creating resources (including videos and written content) which appeal to a wide audience.


What can MAP and YMAP members expect? 

Being part of MAP and YMAP means:

  • participating in an expansive and vibrant national network that includes young people

  • being connected to an agency with a strong purpose, committed to amplifying the voices of multicultural Australia

  • sharing valuable insights and lived experience to shape the future of Australia

  • working collaboratively with a dynamic team at CultureVerse. 


What qualities do MAP and YMAP members have?

MAP and YMAP members are a diverse bunch, and we actively seek members who bring a range of different experiences to the group. This includes:

  • passionate community members and representatives, religious leaders, or representatives of multicultural community organisations across Australia 

  • dynamic people who understand the complexities of modern day Australia and who are committed to driving change and creating impact 

  • people who are committed to representing their community and sharing information and ideas 

  • people who represent new and emerging communities as well as established communities living and working in Australia 

  • people with strong communication skills. 


Join our advisory panels

We’re currently seeking expressions of interest for new members, for both MAP and YMAP.

If this sounds like you, apply below by 8 December 2023

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If you would like to find out more about the MAP or YMAP (whether that be taking part as a member, or accessing this powerful source of insights to inform your multicultural communication project), please contact