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Getting Victoria’s most vulnerable vaccinated.


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In late 2021, most Victorians were primed to perceive vaccination as their main path out of the COVID-19 pandemic. By then, we had all been through a challenging 18 months of rolling lockdowns and evolving public health measures.

With anxiety and disconnection rising and commercial confidence dropping, we needed a path out. Our destination? A vaccinated population (at least 80%). This called for a collective effort on a 
scale rarely seen, one where every Victorian could understand the risks and benefits to not only them but to their families and their broader community.

Most Victorians were eager to roll up their sleeves and do their bit, but a significant percentage remained wary, for reasons ranging from confusion and disinterest to outright antagonism.

Think HQ worked with the Victorian government to identify those we could reach, and build a program of communication activity to get them onboard and vaccinated.

Led by data, we identified 
the audiences left behind by vaccination messaging. 
We used data to test and develop the content that had the best chance at convincing them to get vaccinated.


Rather than sharing more social ads from the Department, we used the networks, social channels, content and first-hand knowledge of ambassador organisations. Our ambassadors were able to reach hesitant and hard-to-reach audiences with the correct information.

We ran a series of test-and-learn campaigns, divided by age and gender, in every single LGA in Victoria to determine which LGAs were more likely to engage with vaccination messaging and what are the LGAs least likely to engage with vaccination messaging.

We used this data to pinpoint how we would reach the LGAs more likely to have lower vaccination rates, and also to inform the content we would create with our ambassador partners to encourage people to get their jab.



We produced over 1,500 pieces of content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Victoria smashed our vaccination goals, hitting the original mark of 80% double vaccinated in record time.

Our campaign specifically delivered 40.4 million total impressions over the campaign period, across 1,747 unique ads, in 17 total languages.  Across the campaign, we delivered an 8.95% uplift in ad recall. Our content directly drove 140,166 users to book a vaccination – 4.29% of users reached.

Some of our proudest results from ambassador content:

  • Women’s fertility videos were watched 74,000 times
  • In-language clinical videos in partnership with the 
Royal Children’s Hospital were viewed 43,000 times
  • Fab Jab, specifically designed for the LGBTQI+ audience addressing community-specific points of hesitancy, drove 500 people to click on the “book now” call to action
  • Activity targeting those living with disability to deliver in-home vaccinations drove almost 5 times the click-through rate than the healthcare industry average.

This program drove vaccinations, saved lives and provided a new best-practice example of inclusive public communications.

Key Metrics

Key Metrics

  • 28.4 million impressions achieved
  • 13.9 million Victorians reached
  • 1,110,000 clicks through to the website
  • 100+ pieces of content translated across 10 priority languages

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