VMIA Strategy 2024

VMIA Strategy 2024

Think HQ used Augmented Reality (AR) to connect VMIA staff with the five-year plan Strategy 2024.

“This is great, I can use this app for education and educating our clients’, so, I think it’s got great possibilities for communicating and engaging with people and with content than can be a bit dry at times, so it’s fantastic.”

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Events & Community Engagement
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Content strategy
Event management
Illustration & 3D imagery
Social media strategy
User research and experience design

The brief 

VMIA is the Victorian Government’s insurer and risk adviser, covering the people, places and projects that help Victorians thrive.

Strategy 2024 was important but dense. Our mission was to excite staff. We didn’t want them to read a 50-page document, we wanted them to find their place in their organisation’s vision, and be excited to get started.

So we gave staff a slimmed down version of the strategy at a special launch event, and then invited them to physically walk through the strategy, via an interactive Augmented Reality experience. 


Communications Strategy

Our research — interviews with staff, desk review of materials and survey data — informed our decision to use augmented reality: We wanted to catch employees’ attention, staff had enjoyed experiential events in the past, and VMIA sought to champion innovation as a core tenant.

A digital experience through augmented spaces extends the boundaries of storytelling, placing the user at the centre and making them a part of the strategy while facilitating meaningful interactions (one of VMIA’s values).  

Staff could socialise and explore at their own pace, adding to the interactive nature of the experience.

AR allowed staff to explore the six key strategic packages of Strategy 2024 through structured scenarios. There were six “exhibits”, each one aligning with a strategic package, allowing staff members to effectively walk through the strategy.

The launch was held at the State Library — a VMIA client site, to demonstrate its commitment to putting clients at the centre of its business.

Results & Impact

Think HQ worked with VMIA to develop the Strategy 2024 event. From event planning and management through to collateral development and content, we worked collaboratively to bring Strategy 2024 to life.

Everything required for the AR experience — from scripting and design through to animation and development — was produced in-house by Think HQ.

The Strategy 2024 launch event was attended by close to 200 VMIA staff, including employees who came in for the event while on maternity leave. It was a major success, exceeding all targets and receiving positive anecdotal feedback from staff.

The exhibition’s AR component of the exhibition had a total of 1,614 engagements, a 79% increase to target. 


  • The Employee engagement score, measured through the Employee Engagement Survey shortly after the event was 75% — the highest on record and a 5 point increase on the 
previous year.
  • 80% of staff agreed “leaders provide clear strategy and direction” — a 22% annual increase.