Unregistered Remittance Dealers campaign

Unregistered Remittance Dealers campaign

Tackling unregistered money transfer services

The successful events attracted strong community and CALD media interest.

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Diverse Communications
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Community networks
Cultural research
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Social media strategy

The brief

Unregistered money transfer dealers are operating at a high risk of having their services abused by criminal groups and do not have the same level of risk protections in place as registered money transfer businesses. 

They represent a real threat to Australian communities as they are used as havens for individuals to move money to fund criminal activities. Those at particular risk are CALD communities. AUSTRAC engaged CultureVerse to develop a community and media engagement approach to raise awareness amongst CALD communities of this issue, and how they can take action. Think HQ was also engaged to develop creative advertising
materials to support the campaign.


CultureVerse designed and delivered a comprehensive range of CALD media and community engagement services nationally, to educate community leaders and money transfer providers about the importance of these businesses being registered with AUSTRAC.

To support CultureVerse’s media and community engagement outreach, Think HQ developed a digital advertising campaign, targeting advertising directly to the potential customers of money transfer services. Think HQ’s creative team developed a range of video assets as well as static posts, produced in 12 languages.


The engagement and advertising campaigns were launched in late-August 2019, results of which will be collected at the end of the campaign in October 2019.
CultureVerse recently organised campaign launch events in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane with the events attracting over 220 community leaders and media outlets from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. 

The successful events attracted strong community and CALD media interest, with the highlight being an interactive Q&A session where attendees asked questions to a panel of AUSTRAC experts.CALD media and social media coverage of the launch events to date has generated over 50 pieces of digital, TV, print and radio coverage.

Digital coverage alone achieved a potential reach of around 109,000 people.