Will 2030 include us all?

This year’s Cultural Diversity Week theme asks: What does multicultural Victoria look like in 2030?

We may not be able to peer into the future, but we’re hoping it’s a world in which inclusive communications aren’t an afterthought.  

This week, we’re asking ourselves: How can we contribute to this future? 

As Melbourne slowly springs back to life following stringent lockdowns, we’re reminded of how the pandemic solidified the power of communications. 

We work, live, and breathe under a rapidly expanding digital sphere. Like our audiences, we are collectively mourning, celebrating, and watching a new world form. This calls for considerate strategies that account for these complexities.

In response, we at Think HQ broadened our offerings - introducing a new localisation arm to our business. We worked closely with the Victorian Government to translate COVID-19 materials in 58 languages and dispatched them across communities. It goes beyond direct translations, with our team working alongside community leaders to ensure cultural context and accuracy. 

We developed a research arm to better understand the communities we work with daily and put focus into our ability to deliver online events. While many of us have used online interactions to make up for a lack of face-to-face meetings, some communities – particularly regional audiences – have found that it’s meant they’re more involved and engaged than they were before. 

So we shouldn’t rush to ‘snap back’ to the old, expected ways of doing things. We need to build new systems. 

And we must acknowledge that we still have a ways to go. 

The 2030 world of Victorian multiculturalism starts from within. By fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces that move away from abandoned diversity boxes. It’s a world where communities from underrepresented backgrounds aren’t just posing for stiff stock photos, but working within the system, adding nuance and depth to campaigns. It’s systemic change that moves beyond the lens.  

So how can we best honour our diverse community today? By accounting for every single person. By delivering communications that speaks to them, in the languages and ways in which they understand. 

It means our values live beyond our screens. 

For those of us belonging to these communities, we cannot tolerate communications that fail to acknowledge and celebrate us. We are not a monolith. We are not an afterthought. This week, and beyond. 

Cultural Diversity Week is presented by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and seeks to embrace and celebrate Victoria’s vast multicultural community. 

To find a calendar of community events, resource kits and ways to get involved, visit their website.