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Explore Australia's diversity with our interactive Multicultural Map. This dynamic visualization draws on 2021 Census Data (ABS) and reveals the intricate threads of global heritage within our community. Use the map to explore country of birth data for people across Australia, or uncover the linguistic richness of our nation by delving into the stats about the languages we speak. Refine your search by post code or local government area, or use the filter to get a view of how a language or country of birth is represented across various locations. Created by our talented digital developers and guided by CultureVerse, we hope you enjoy this free tool. To enquire about other data visualisation tools we can create, or for advice on reaching and engaging multicultural audiences, reach out to us here.

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Note: Data points for the category “Not Stated” and “Inadequately Described” have been excluded from the map for clarity purposes.
The map sources data from the 2021 Census, developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.