Introducing the CultureVerse Multicultural Advisory Panel

This week we convened the first meeting of the CultureVerse Multicultural Advisory Panel. 

The panel includes a range of widely connected community leaders, representing, among others, the Lebanese, Spanish, Latin American, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese and Greek communities.

We’re passionate about creating truly representative communications, and that means keeping our diverse community at the heart of the communications and campaigns that affect them.

The panel will meet regularly to discuss topical issues, current campaigns and the needs of their communities, to ensure everything we do resonates with the audiences it needs to.  

This week members gave their insight into the way coronavirus information has been communicated to CALD communities in Victoria, and across the globe. 

We expect the group to grow and change as we go, and for guests to step in if specific issues call for specific inputs. We’re already seeing that the panel is energised and keen to guide the work of our clients. 

A huge thank you to every member of the panel, we can’t wait to make great things together.