Digital Video: 5 Things to think about when advertising across SVOD platforms

12 February 2019
By Phil Benedictus, CEO Benedictus Media Buying & Planning

The world of TV and video content viewing is changing rapidly. While Free-to-Air TV’s numbers have been steadily in decline the last few years, Australians have never watched so much video content.

This is down to the rise of Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) across catch-up TV, paid streaming services like Netflix, social platforms like Youtube and Facebook, with connected, internet-enabled TVs now commonplace in our homes and mobile video consumption soaring.

Over 13m Australians have access to some kind of paid SVOD platform. Youtube is visited by twice as many Aussies each month than Instagram and is the world’s 2nd largest search engine. SVOD is forecast to account for 40% of TV consumption by 2020.

And with video consumption increasingly fragmented, digital platforms are increasingly key to reaching your target audience. Here are 5 points to think about when buying digital video.

  • Viewability — what percentage of the user’s screen will your ad be seen on? — Bigger = greater impact.
  • How long will the user see the ad for? —Some platforms’ metrics are a bit misleading with as little as 3s being considered a video view
  • Tailor content to the medium – It’s best for your video content to feel native to the medium… for instance in terms of Tone, Aspect Ratio (eg custom edits in mobile screen-friendly portrait format), Duration — a pre-roll needs to be short and sharp where much longer pieces can work on social.
  • What screen when? — Build a multi-screen strategy based on an understanding of what screen your audience consumes at different points during the day.
  • Right mix of platforms to achieve your goals — Have you got enough inventory where consumers will see the whole ad so you can get your message out there? How quickly do you need to build reach to achieve your objective? You will need to be across more platforms to build reach fast. Can you build an audience pool of people who have seen your video whom you can then re-target with CTA’s via cost-effective display advertising?

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Photo by freestocks on Unsplash