The New Normal – Multicultural Communication that works webinar

10 October 2022

Did you catch the broadcast of our CultureVerse webinar The New Normal – Multicultural Communication that works?

Thanks to everyone who made the discussion such a success. We heard from CultureVerse’s Dr Som Sengmany and Jessica Billimoria, and a range of multicultural communicators, on what we can all be doing to build truly inclusive campaigns.

The full session recording is above, and we covered a lot of ground, but here are some key takeaways:

  • Multicultural communications is an exciting space to be in: COVID-19 has taught us all the value of prioritising this area, bringing attention, resources and innovation. It’s time to continue the momentum.
  • Practitioners often feel isolated, with no clear avenue for support and advice. Forging us all into a community of practice will benefit communicators, communities and organisations.
  • It’s all about taking the first step with the right intent. Those who wait to get it perfect will end up doing nothing and miss the benefits of authentic engagement.
  • The most value is found in shifting from a top-down to a bottom-up approach. Top-down approaches focus on the transactional activities, like advertising, and one-way messaging. In contrast, bottom-up participatory approaches start with direct engagement with multicultural communities and involving them in the communication process itself.

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