Celebration and connection: A Taste of Harmony at Think HQ

21 April 2022

Last month, Think HQ came together to celebrate A Taste of Harmony, an annual initiative founded by the Scanlon Foundation that encourages workplaces to share, discuss and bond over their cultural diversity. 

While there are a number of ways to get involved, A Taste of Harmony is celebrated largely through the medium of food. In keeping with this, each Think HQ team member brought a dish from their cultural heritage to share with everyone.

A side street next to our South Melbourne office building was transformed into a festive laneway, decked out with oak barrels and stringed lights. Tables lined the walls, packed with mouth-watering sweet and savoury dishes.

At Think HQ, we’ve always been proud of how incredibly diverse our people are and the unique perspectives we bring to not only our work, but also our workplace culture. On this day, that diversity was on full display with over fifty plates of food from all around the world.


Event manager Ezreena brought kueh, a colourful assortment of sweet snacks from Malaysia.

“There was always a variety of kueh at every celebration or gathering back home,” Ezreena says. “This dish brings back all the good memories of time spent with friends and family.”

Web developer Jose brought patacones, a sensational fried green plantain dish from Colombia. This dish reminds Jose of home, as plantains are plentiful on both coasts of the country. Jose’s crispy and slightly salty patacones (a crowd favourite with everyone at Think HQ!) were served with toppings of avocados, salsa and shredded meat. 

Localisation coordinator Chloe brought soupe à l'oignon, a traditional soup from her French hometown of Lyon. Served with crisp cheesy toast, Chloe says the dish reminds her of being with her family, enjoying a light Christmas dinner of soup after a hearty lunch.

Social media content specialist Saumya brought pav bhaji, a delectable curry made from vegetables, butter and a blend of spices, served with white bread. 

“This dish is special to me because every time I cook it, my apartment fills with an aroma that reminds me of home and Mum’s cooking,” Saumya says.


While enjoying our international feast, we were entertained by a live pipe band and treated to two phenomenal spoken word poems written and performed by one of our own team members, Thabani (an award-winning artist and writer).

After the challenges of the past two years, it was delightful to reconnect as a team, discover more about everyone’s cultural roots, and celebrate all the incredible humans who make up Think HQ.

Miko Hernandez
Account Executive, CultureVerse