Loud and proud:
introducing our queer advocacy committee

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At the heart of our mission at Think HQ is the commitment to share stories from diverse and intersectional perspectives.

Whether that means amplifying personal experiences or collaborating with other communities to spotlight theirs, it’s essential to our purpose to uplift all the voices that shape Australia today.

This commitment inherently extends to our enduring allyship with our queer community, both within and beyond the walls of our offices.

Stepping up to support the queer community

Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of taking on projects that support and increase queer representation in all areas of communications, including research, campaigns and industry discourse.

As we continue to scope out opportunities to highlight LGBTQIA+ voices, we acknowledge the need for more to support our endeavours – more time, more space, and most importantly, more learning embedded into our daily practices.

Say hello to Think Proud

Our newly formed queer advocacy committee has been created to solidify our vision for a more inclusive workplace and culture. Built with the intention to address all areas of the organisation, the Think Proud team will focus on improvement across three key pillars – education, community and policies.

“As a proud member of the queer community, this initiative holds personal significance and signals a pivotal moment in our organisational journey,” says Think Proud co-chair Blake Mason. “At Think HQ, we're not just launching an employee resource group – we're stepping into the queer consulting space with increased vigour."

Fellow Think Proud co-chair Elise Erwin adds: “More creative opportunities, greater queer representation in campaigns, and modelling authentic corporate allyship are just some of the outcomes we intend Think Proud to deliver.”

Where do we go from here?

As existing advocates for the queer community, Think Proud and the broader Think HQ team hope to formalise our support by getting to work and pushing for real, tangible results.

Like any other initiative, we don’t expect this one to be an overnight success. However, with a great bunch of people repping the cause and a ton of motivation to get it right, we’re confident that Think Proud is an early stepping stone in a much longer, stronger journey of advocacy for the queer community.