Introducing The Idiom:

Beaurey Chan
By Beaurey Chan
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You won’t be surprised that The Idiom does what it says on the can – it’s a podcast that talks about idioms. But on a deeper level? The Idiom is a weird and wonderful exploration of language, and all the ways it shapes how we see the world.

The story of The Idiom

Danish native Rune Pedersen is the Head of Localisation at Think HQ CultureVerse and host of The Idiom. Rune spends his days crafting bespoke communications and marketing campaigns for multicultural communities across Australia, so it’s no wonder he started dreaming up the idea that would become The Idiom. Rune’s natural sense of curiosity combined with his love of language had him questioning the unique turns of phrase that different cultural communities use to talk about everyday experiences, and how these idioms ultimately demonstrate a sense of universality that may just help us to better understand ourselves, and each other.

What's it all about?

Each episode of The Idiom’s first season focuses on a theme that impacts all our lives in one way or another – money, mental health and death, to name a few – as Rune undertakes a journey of learning and labour of love to unpack how Australia’s multicultural communities perceive, approach and talk about these weighty topics. It’s important work that is also funny, silly, introspective, and enlightening, as Rune hosts insightful interviews with subject matter experts and engages in skits with a cohort of colourful characters to bring the episodes to life.

“Idioms and similar phrases can serve as a jumping off point for fun and interesting conversations about how we communicate,” Rune says. “How we communicate matters, and I’m hoping this podcast will shed light on some of the opportunities we have to better communicate with each other, rather than just to each other.”

Where can I listen to it?

The Idiom is an SBS Audio podcast produced by Think HQ CultureVerse. Listen to The Idiom on the SBS Audio website or app here, or anywhere you get your podcasts.