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BreastScreen Victoria’s purpose as a population screening program, is to reduce the impact of breast cancer and save lives through early detection. The organisation currently screens over 250,000 people every year. Whilst these figures are impressive, the State average is 45% of women in the 50-74 age group being screened. And even though awareness levels of BreastScreen Victoria sits at 46% of women 50+ who know their name and understand what they do, there is a need to lift awareness and drive more screening. An update of the brand identity, not touched for 15 years, is part of how we’ll do this.

When asked how they felt about the logo, research participants described it as outdated, lacking in diversity and inclusiveness, and needing a specific link to what the organisation does.



We needed to persuade eligible Victorians to be screened for breast cancer, even if they don’t see it as a priority. We wanted them to take reign of their future because early detection saves lives, and those who get their regular mammograms across the free, quick and easy 45 BreastScreen Victoria sites are taking reign of their future and giving themselves their best chance of survival.

We proposed a brand identity overhaul that felt motivational, supportive, inclusive, modern and sophisticated while evolving the current brand.

It is tonally optimistic and energetic, encouraging individuals to be proactive and take charge of their health in a simple and un-intimidating process. Key imagery featured photographs of diverse, confident individuals, inspiring bravery and creating positive associations around breast screening — the relief of not having to worry about their health and the feeling of empowerment for taking charge of their wellbeing. Our work involved developing a new brand narrative, typography and colour palette, supporting graphics, tone of voice, and a new logo, including a composition for their sonic logo.

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