Every Test Helps campaign

Every Test Helps campaign

Providing COVID-19 messaging in the right languages to reach every Victorian.

"We are happy to have been part of the campaign to spread the awareness."

Victorian Government - Department of Health (DH)
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Diverse Communications
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Integrated campaigns
PR & Community engagement

The Brief

In response to the ongoing spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 2020, we worked with the Department of Health (DOH) to develop the Every Test Helps multicultural and diverse campaign to encourage lockdown-weary Victorians to continue to get tested for COVID-19 if they were experiencing any symptoms.

One of the big challenges we needed to overcome with this brief was that Victorians were at risk of becoming complacent with getting tested for COVID-19, fatigued by ongoing changes in restrictions and several months of lockdown requirements. In contrast to early numbers, the cases of COVID-19 in Victoria were finally dropping, but the only way that we could continue to stay safe and open was if Victorians kept getting tested.

It was important that we work closely with the Victorian Government and our multicultural communities, to ensure they were getting the in-language information they needed to keep themselves and their families safe.


The campaign idea of "Every Test Helps" was about encouraging Victorians to continue to get tested for COVID-19, even if they'd been tested before, so we could all get back to a "COVID normal" way of life.

To really engage the multicultural community and create something emotive and human, we worked closely with our multicultural community contacts through the process of "transcreation" to develop unique messaging and talent imagery for the creative campaign.

As such, we commissioned individual talent images from 55 community groups and developed over 250 individual in-language assets. These assets appeared across press, radio and audio files, posters, digital display banners and social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Key Messaging throughout the campaign included:

  • Every test helps us get back to work safely, to go to school, and to see our family and friends.
  • Tests are free, and there are support payments available to help workers stay home if they need to self-isolate.
  • Get tested if you have any symptoms, even if you've been tested before.


The below-the-line (BTL) distribution of the community stakeholder pack was sent to the CALD community network on 2 February and performed better than average with a high click-through rate (CTR) of 33%. This is likely due to the inclusion of community talent, where groups were more eager to distribute the materials amongst their community, indicating that these campaigns featuring talent are highly successful in community engagement with stakeholders.

Over 609 emails were sent out to the network with the in-language campaign assets provided via the stakeholder pack, and a total of 488 assets were downloaded from the cloud link.

Feedback was very positive with many people excited and grateful to be featured in their campaign on behalf of their community.

Anecdotal feedback included:

"I am so glad that my photo has been selected and really appreciate your efforts and this concept. I will share this picture within our community once they are released on social media" - Tara, Nepali community

"Thank you for the opportunity and we are happy to have been part of the campaign to spread the awareness on the topic. Thanks again!" -Chalachew, Amharic community

"It is an honour to be featured in a health campaign that serves the community." - Mehdi, Farsi community

"It’s exciting to see the photo in the campaign and a privilege to be part of it.
Thank you once again." - Lile, Macedonian community