Thabani Tshuma

Thabani Tshuma

Thabani Tshuma


Thabani is a sorcerer of sentences with extensive experience as a multi-award winning writer, curator and performance poet. His content is shaped with effortless authenticity – a testament to his gift for the alchemy of transforming words into gold. Around the Think HQ office, Thabani’s known for his phenomenal writing, suave style and highly-requested live poetry performances. 

As a Content Coordinator, you'll find him tapping out scripts, conducting interviews, crafting long-form case studies and developing social media copy. His work has been a hit with numerous clients, namely Yarra Valley Water, The Scanlon Foundation Research Institute and more. 

Thabani is a former Hotdesk fellowship recipient with the Wheeler Centre, a Featured author with Djed Press, and a multi-award-winning and internationally ranked spoken word performer. His creative works can be found in publications such as Cordite, Meanjin, Dichotomi Magazine and Next in Colour. 

Writing is the aperture through which Thabani makes sense of the world and he is driven by a necessity for spellbinding storytelling. 

Thabani holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Macleay College.

Articles written by Thabani Tshuma

Reflections on our RAP

A conversation with our RAP Working Group

Earlier this year, we launched our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), a collaborative framework with Reconciliation Australia that looks at how we, as an organisation, can work towards facilitating relationships, respect and trust with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Essentially, how we can do our part in reconciliation.