Tayla Lawson

Account Manager Tayla Lawson wearing a white blouse in front of a pink background

Tayla Lawson

Account Manager

Taylor Swift might be able to write a hit song, but Tayla Lawson makes every campaign march to the beat of the client’s drum – and we think that makes her someone to sing about!

A pillar of clarity during the client management process, Tayla executes projects with bang-on service that leaves all parties delighted by the time the finish line rolls around.

At Think HQ she’s the cool-headed trouble-shooter managing a growing client list that includes the Department of Health, the Royal Children’s Hospital and Royal Botanic Gardens.

With over five years of industry expertise in her back pocket, Tayla’s previous gigs have seen her publishing the Vintage Cellars magazine, implementing commercial campaigns with News Corp Australia and working with countless FMCG brands in the Coles Liquor division.

Tayla was thrilled to jump over the corporate advertising pond to dive into projects with a positive social impact. It’s come as a welcome change for this warm and empathetic communicator who fits right in with our friendly school Think HQ fish.

Tayla holds a Bachelor of Media and Communication (Advertising) from Swinburne University and a Diploma of Event Management.