Neelam Yadav

Neelam Yadav

Project Manager and Analyst

Neelam is passionate about data and believes every piece of it tells a story, but the key is to effectively communicate the insights. She is a people person who respects and values cultural difference and is curious to know more about them.

She has worked as a Reporting and Data Analyst across the telecom, banking and Educations industries and is well versed in data extraction and interpretation to formulate reports.

She has been involved in EDA (extraction, discovery and analysis) of data to suggest optimisations and cost-efficient solutions.

At Think HQ Neelam manages localisation projects and relationships with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring projects meet customer expectations of quality and turn-around time.

Neelam will play a key role in implementing new systems and ensuring decisions are driven by good data, used properly.