Natasha Brock

A picture of a woman with brown short hair sitting in front of a pink wall.

Natasha Brock

Production Assistant

Natasha centres authenticity in every story she tells, breathing new life into production projects with a candid lens. Sporting a keen eye for distinctly human details, Natasha likes her projects impeccably well-done and her steak medium rare.

As a budding documentary filmmaker, Natasha cut her teeth with multiple film festival and production house internships across Melbourne. She worked as a freelance director, editor and PA before finding a home in Think HQ’s creative team.

If production is a jigsaw puzzle, then Brocky (as the team fondly calls her) is the glue keeping the pieces together. As Think HQ’s production assistant she’s coordinated multiple Federal and State Government campaigns across important issues including vaccinations and industry up-skilling. Whether it’s TVCs, social videos, radio or the like, Natasha is the quick-thinking hand leading our projects from conception to completion.

Natasha holds a Bachelor of Communication (Media) with Distinction from RMIT and is currently completing a Master of Film and Television (Documentary) from the Victorian College of the Arts.