Jen Sharpe

Jen Sharpe

Founder and Managing Director

Jen is a formidable communicator, driven by her values and her passion for her team. She is the sole founder and managing director of Think HQ and oversees all projects from inception through to evaluation.

Since establishing Think HQ in 2010, Jen has grown an impressive roster of top-tier clients with projects that she, and her extensive team, are genuinely passionate about. From driving social cohesion in Australia with the Scanlon Foundation to boosting disability employment rates with the Department of Social Services, no project is too big a challenge.

Jen has grown Think HQ from a PR agency specialising in media relations, events and community engagement, to a full-service communications agency offering a wide variety of services, from in-house video production and animation, graphic design, copywriting and collateral development and website and app development, to advertising and strategy development.

In 2019, Jen acquired Cultureverse, a multicultural communications agency, helping organisations reach and influence diverse audience groups across Australia. 
Jen holds a 1st class Honours Degree in Politics from Monash and a Graduate Diploma in Business (Entrepreneurialism) from Swinburne. In 2013, she was the recipient of a scholarship to study an Executive Certificate in Business at Berkeley, California. 

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