Harshini Sivaraj

Account Manager Harshini smiling wearing a white shirt in  front of a pink background

Harshini Sivaraj

Account Manager

Harshini sees her work at CultureVerse as an opportunity to create societal value for a wider audience by using communications to transcend language barriers.

Localisation is a complex task, and Harshini keeps it running smoothly by coordinating the significant logistics involved. She manages projects end-to-end, including reviewing documents to ensure they’re ready for translation, looking for anything that might muddle the message. She liaises with our panel of vendors – including translators and community checkers, to keep work flowing and translations accurate.

She’s excited to work on projects where messages have the power to inspire people and spread awareness for a positive social impact.

Harshini brings a diversity of experience and insight to CultureVerse and Think HQ. She practiced dentistry in India and holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery. She is passionate about spreading awareness and education amongst underprivileged populations about dental health. She has also worked as a fitness instructor, and once won a competition to name a mocktail.