Farida Sharifi

Farida Sharifi

Farida Sharifi

Community Engagement Coordinator, CultureVerse

Farida is driven by a lifelong passion for working with people from different backgrounds. As our Community Engagement Coordinator, she plays a key role on the CultureVerse team in ensuring campaigns and communications represent and include our multicultural communities.

Working closely with community leaders and organisations, she supports efforts to engage and empower communities through events, research and communications activities. 

Farida is a firm advocate for people belonging to marginalised and disadvantaged communities. She harnesses her experience to analyse and determine the immediate needs of particular groups and effectively address them to create long-term change. 

She came to Think HQ after working as an administrative support officer at the Centre for Multicultural Youth and a volunteer paralegal at Refugee Legal. Her detail-oriented desire to impact change makes her a natural fit to support our work and help bring to life our vision of putting multicultural communications at the forefront of business practice.

Farida was president and member of the Noor Foundation Inc. Australia, where she facilitated projects to support and bring together newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers in Victoria. She is also an Observer with Same Skies’ boards in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Switzerland.

Farida is completing a Bachelor of Arts/Global Studies at Australian Catholic University.