Dr. Pauline Ho

Pauline Ho

Dr. Pauline Ho

Strategy & Insights Manager, CultureVerse

Pauline is an experienced research and evaluation specialist driven by her commitment to improving policy and social outcomes for individuals and communities.

At Think HQ, Pauline develops and executes strategic research to better understand social change and impact for CALD communities. She develops and generates high-quality research and insights to identify and drive business needs across our content, creative and digital teams.

With experience working with a range of research and government clients from Education and Health, she’s worked with the Australian Government Department of Education and state Departments including the Victorian Department of Education, with researchers from the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, and partners from TAC and WorkSafe. There, she equipped herself with the skills to scale effective practices and transform social outcomes in partnership with stakeholders.

Pauline is passionate about making high-quality research accessible to all. At Evidence for Learning, Social Ventures Australia (SVA), she led the first independent, national randomised controlled trials in education, funded by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to test the impact of effective teaching and learning approaches in Australian schools. 

Pauline was awarded a PhD in Education from the University of Sydney. Her thesis investigated the impact of the national policy and the curriculum on the academic and social outcomes of academically disadvantaged students.