Anum Essa

Anum Essa

Anum Essa

Localisation Coordinator

Anum is a marketing communication specialist who is passionate about procuring positive social and behavioural change through effective communication strategies.

Owing to her past experience of working with social start-ups and education institutes, Anum holds expertise in project management, training, content creation and strategic marketing planning.

As a localisation coordinator at Think HQ, Anum works with more than 100 translators and language experts to manage seamless message delivery for government and private organisations, including the Federal Department of Health and Cancer Council Victoria.

She is particularly keen on contributing to multilingual behaviour change campaigns devised by Australian Government, and enjoys being part of a culturally diverse team that works tirelessly to promote diverse communications.

Anum was a fellow with World Innovative Summit for Education (WISE) and has volunteered at American Community Schools and local community hubs in Athens, Greece.

She is a recipient of Australia Awards scholarship and is pursuing a Master of Marketing Communication from the University of Melbourne.