Showing owner drivers the road ahead

Showing owner drivers the road ahead

An advertising campaign to make obligations accessible.

Keeping a vital industry moving in the right direction. 

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The Brief

Industry Relations Victoria needed to inform hirers and contractors in the transport and forestry industries of their rights and obligations under the amended Owner Drivers and Forestry Contractors Act. 

Recent market research has found that many hirers are not complying with their obligations under the ODFC Act – likely because they were not aware of their obligations.


We delivered an integrated campaign to make the changes to the Act more accessible. 

Our work included radio, print, digital and social assets to reach the breadth of the owner-driver community. We used sunny images of trucks driving the highways under brilliant blue skies to evoke optimism, freedom and possibility. We pumped out four captioned animations and distributed them through LinkedIn advertisements. 

Our creative communicated that these changes presented a fresh start. It would be a new era for the transport and forestry industries.

But we knew this wasn’t enough. 

Our work is underscored by a commitment to inclusivity, and this campaign would be no different. That's why we wanted to ensure these updates reached every community. 

In our globalised world, homogenous approaches to communications aren’t enough. Direct translations cannot account for the rich intricacies each community carries. 

Without carefully tailored messaging, we knew we’d be locking people out.

That’s where localisation came in. 

Localisation is more than direct translations. It’s a meticulous process to accommodate each community. It ensures cultural sensitivities are accounted for, imagery is tailored, colours are carefully selected and cultural values align. No detail goes unchecked. 

By crafting each asset to reflect various cultural communities, we leveraged the messaging to account for a richer audience. 

Because everyone deserves a fair go.


The campaign was amplified across radio, print, digital and social to drive awareness of the changes to Victoria's Transport and Forestry Contracting Laws. 

The campaign performed particularly well across digital and was seen to be particularly well received by those who were searching for jobs in the transport industry. The carousels ads developed by us were especially high performing. The Arabic variation delivered an exceptionally high click-through rate of 2.95%, well exceeding the industry benchmark typically seen at 0.5%. 

These results highlighted how well the ads resonated with the community and it was ultimately recommended to extend targeting for future iterations into more languages given the success seen in those targeted in this particular campaign.