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  • News July 10, 2019

    Meet Pippa

    Pippa Knight has joined Think HQ as an Account Executive.

    We're excited to welcome her back after she spent time with us as an intern at the end of 2017.

    Between then and now, Pippa completed a Bachelor of Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin. She brings experience across the corporate sector and as a content creator across social and digital channels.

    She is a keen writer and enjoys creative, fine arts projects in her downtime.

    “I knew I wanted to use my degree for a career focussed on the wellbeing of humanity,” she said.

    “Feeling connected and being a part of something meaningful is a priority for me, and I’d found that at Think HQ.”

    “I’m happy to return to an office so filled with good energy and positivity.”

  • Commentary November 28, 2018

    My internship so far...

    By Think HQ Intern Jacinta Leppik.

    Choosing an organisation to complete an internship with is a big decision, I see my first internship as the starting point of my public relations journey. I was looking for an organisation that allowed me to gain practical experience working on projects I am passionate about. Think HQ’s internship program stood out as they offer an opportunity to research a line of enquiry and create content while working with organisations that have a positive social impact.

    On my first day, the whole team made me feel welcome, and the new workplace nerves quickly subsided. During my placement so far at Think HQ I have been developing copy, scheduling social media content and preparing media lists. I am using the skills I have acquired during my studies and learning to use specialist programs that are essential in the public relations industry.

    The benefit of interning for a full-service communication agency is being exposed to the work of a diverse team as they...

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  • News June 04, 2018

    The Devil is in the Data?

    This year’s PRMC student forum explored how the communications industry interacts with, and leverages big data.

    Big data currently has an ugly media rap, creating fear and mistrust. Think Cambridge Analytica, and the noise around Google’s data practices. While questionable ethically, these are examples of the practical applications of data in communication. Data can tell businesses a story about consumers - providing insight into their preferences and behaviour, offering opportunities to create and deliver targeted communications. Sounds like a communicator’s dream, right? Or like Newscorp executive Peter Judd suggested, does it signal the end of independent thought, personal autonomy and even democracy?

    We didn’t leave with all the answers, but we did walk away with a lot to consider:

    • Don Sharples from Altometer Business Intelligence made it clear that the way we use and collect data is continually evolving with disruptive technology and our need to “surprise and...

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  • Commentary March 13, 2018

    What is Lumin?

    What is Lumin?

    The recently launched Lumin is an online learning platform for the development of marketing, social media and communications skills.

    Created by communications agency Think HQ, Lumin is designed specifically for the social change and community sectors.

    Founder of Lumin and Think HQ, Jen Sharpe created the platform to empower and educate organisations in their communications efforts.

    “From working with clients in this space, we understand that the reality is many organisations don’t have the budget and resources to engage a communications agency, but desperately need this knowledge and guidance.”

    Lumin is designed to account for all levels of experience, empowering those who have little experience to learn the basics but also for those who already have some knowledge on the topic to build upon this.

    Video courses with Think HQ experts educate Lumin members on the basics of setting up a Facebook page, writing a media release, pitching to the press and more.

    Lumin provides...

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  • News December 18, 2017

    2017 - Growth, Work & Achievement

    By Jen Sharpe

    2017 has been a year of significant growth, work and achievement.

    We were recognised as Medium Consultancy of the Year and awarded Health Campaign of the Year (DonateLife Week) at the 2017 Victorian Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) Golden Target Awards. We were then highly commended at the 2017 PRIA National Golden Target Awards.

    Judged by our peers in the Public Relations industry, this recognition is reaffirming of the quality of work we produce and the skill of our team. This also followed recognition as finalists in the 2017 Mumbrella Comms Con Awards for Best Government Relations Campaign.

    I’m proud of the passionate and proactive team I have, and it’s cause to reflect upon the impact our work has had. I founded Think HQ to create smart communications for projects that matter – and to think that 42,000 people joined the Australian Organ Donor Register during our 2016 campaign is remarkable. Each of those people could one day save or transform...

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