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  • Case Studies September 08, 2017

    New and returning clients

    Over the last few months, we have been thrilled to start work with a number of new and returning clients.

    We’ve been helping EPA Victoria to communicate their new organisational strategy 'Our Environment, Our Health' with creation of an animated video and microsite.

    We have also worked with the Organ and Tissue Authority for DonateLife Week 2017, Australia’s national awareness week for organ and tissue donation.

    Think HQ managed media relations and social media activity in the lead up to and during DonateLife Week, delivering positive media coverage and community awareness supporting a faster way to register online.

    More new and returning clients include:

    • A Taste of Harmony for the Scanlon Foundation

    • MFB

    • Paul Ramsay Foundation

    • Philanthropy Australia

    • The Bridge

    • Care Choice

    • TOM

    • WorkSafe Victoria - Health and Safety Month

    • Small Business Victoria - Faces of Small Business

    • GLOBE - Community Awards

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  • News September 07, 2017

    Jean Hailes for Women's Health microsite

    Jean Hailes recently launched the results of their 2017 Jean Hailes for Women’s Health survey. Think HQ has worked with Jean Hailes, from collecting data, to interpreting and communicating the results in a purpose built microsite. From launch, thousands of people around Australia have visited the site – with an average time on page of more than four minutes.

    You can check out the results at

    To secure responses from over 10,000 women in Australia, Think HQ undertook a mixture of stakeholder engagement and social media advertising. This represented a 209% increase on the 3,236 responses recorded in 2016. You can read more about this work here:

  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Our top 10 social media tips

    We recently hosted an information session for NFP and government organisations to help guide them through amplifying their social media content. Social media plays a big role in our modern day lives in Australia, with 79% of Australians using social media, and 59% of them checking their social media every day.

    For those who missed the workshop, here are ten top tips to take away:

    1.Be strategic.

    Have a strategy from the beginning. Ensure your content aligns with your key objectives. Have a niche that people can recognise as this makes for a great guide for your content creation.

    2.Measure your effectiveness.

    Keep track of how well your content is being received. How well are people responding to your posts? Or the time you post? Or how often you post? Knowing what your audience responds well to means you can keep doing that and keep your audience interested.

    3.Don’t follow the hype.

    Respond to what your audience likes. If people are responding well to something specific, let...

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  • News June 27, 2017

    Census for communicators - what you need to know

    By Stefan Delatovic

    “Know your audience” is one of the golden rules of communicating well, which is why the release of a new Census is greeted with such excitement by those of us looking to connect with Australia.

    And, FYI, it’s not just those of us with ‘communications’ written on our business cards that should be paying attention. In a world of fake news, fragmented digital media and collapsing trust in institutions, we all need to be cutting through the noise. You can only do that by connecting with people’s values, so you need to know what they are.

    This is particularly true for the non-profit, government and community-building sector, where publicly living your values is the best way to project a great reputation. Knowing your audience makes sure you’re all in synch.

    Results from the 2016 Census have been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today. Here’s what you need to know:

    The data is usable

    You may recall that last year’s Census was a bit fraught, with...

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  • Commentary May 24, 2017

    Meet Stefan

    Stefan is a recent addition to Think HQ, joining the team from the SES. Experienced in crisis communications and a savvy ex-journalist and editor, Stefan brings years of knowledge to the team.

    You began your career in journalism, and worked your way up to the role of Editor. What was the most challenging story in your journalism career?

    Well, for most of my career I was working on a daily paper, which is about having a blank slate each morning, and getting your stories from idea to finished product all in one day. It’s full on - especially when news breaks late in the day - but in a really fun way. One thing I liked about that is, no matter how challenging the story, or upsetting the topic, you lived in it for the day, gave it your full attention and effort, and then you could leave it when you left for the night.

    So one of my most challenging yarns, I think, was the longest. I covered a NSW Government inquiry into the local council that went through a series of public hearings and...

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