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  • News February 15, 2016

    Think HQ and Australians for Mental Health tackle mental illness shame and stigma

    For the month of January, Think HQ assisted Australians for Mental Health (AFMH), a grassroots organisation fighting for mental health reform, with the Share Your Story project.

    The purpose of Share Your Story month was to create an open discussion about mental illness, aiming to end the stigma and shame often associated with mental ill health.

    We invited Australians from all walks of life to share their experiences with mental health - whether it had impacted them directly or indirectly.

    Think HQ corresponded with participants and curated their stories to share on the AFMH website and its social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

    Throughout the month, the comments and feedback AFMH received on its social media platforms were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

    Think HQ was also successful in raising awareness about AFMH – the project generated an increase in 135 Facebook page likes, and its Twitter account attracted 109 new followers.

    Participants also expressed...

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  • News December 18, 2015

    Think HQ is proud to work with Australians for Mental Health

    Think HQ is privileged to have delivered the ‘Not Nearly Enough’ panel discussion with Australians for Mental Health at The Melbourne Brain Centre on Thursday 10 December 2015.

    The discussion was the first community event for the Australians for Mental Health campaign – a new national movement empowering Australians to compel all political parties to make mental health a priority, and help end the stigma associated with seeking help for mental ill health.

    Around 150 guests attended the forum, which featured a panel of experts discussing the Federal Government’s recent response to the National Mental Health Commission report – Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities.

    Members of the panel included:

    • Professor Allan Fels AO, Chair, National Mental Health Commission
    • Professor Patrick McGorry AO, Executive Director, Orygen Youth Health
    • Jill Stark, Senior Writer, The Sunday Age
    • Prerna Diksha, AFMH Community Taskforce
    • Geoff Wilson, Chairman, Wilson Asset Management

    Forum participants and...

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  • Commentary October 14, 2014

    Australians are getting kinder – and it’s music to our ears

    With headlines making a recent negative swing, a rare good news story caused pause for reflection in the Think HQ office this week.

    New research has indicated Australians might be getting kinder. Yep, that’s right – findings suggest that the younger generation, so often categorised as self-indulgent and uncharitable, is actually taking part in acts of kindness more frequently than their older counterparts.

    And that’s music to our ears. As an agency committed to projects of substance, often to achieve positive social change, it’s always been our contention that positivity is powerful. We’re lucky to work with an array of talented and impassioned clients, campaigns and communicators, and we’re very aware that kindness plays a big role in the work we produce for them.

    Recently, as part of the Victorian Government’s Support Small Business Day 2014 campaign, we had the privilege of talking to small business owners across the state – bighearted people dedicated to providing for their...

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