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Commentary March 13, 2018

What is Lumin?

What is Lumin?

The recently launched Lumin is an online learning platform for the development of marketing, social media and communications skills.

Created by communications agency Think HQ, Lumin is designed specifically for the social change and community sectors.

Founder of Lumin and Think HQ, Jen Sharpe created the platform to empower and educate organisations in their communications efforts.

“From working with clients in this space, we understand that the reality is many organisations don’t have the budget and resources to engage a communications agency, but desperately need this knowledge and guidance.”

Lumin is designed to account for all levels of experience, empowering those who have little experience to learn the basics but also for those who already have some knowledge on the topic to build upon this.

Video courses with Think HQ experts educate Lumin members on the basics of setting up a Facebook page, writing a media release, pitching to the press and more.

Lumin provides not for profit organisations access to both education and insights into trends from leading philanthropic and business specialists.

“It’s so important that these organisations are given the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, on a platform that is sustainable, cost-effective and specific to them. Lumin delivers just this- it packages years of big agency knowledge in an innovative and interactive format.”

Subscribers to Lumin will have access to all lessons, including handouts and expert insights as well as new courses each month.

Lumin is an accessible way for organisations to learn marketing and communications skills and utilise these to get their message out there and heard.

“These organisations play a pivotal role in Australia – both in supporting underrepresented groups and causes, and for our economy. Through Lumin we hope to see many more organisations communicating smarter and driving change.”

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