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News February 15, 2016

Think HQ and Australians for Mental Health tackle mental illness shame and stigma

For the month of January, Think HQ assisted Australians for Mental Health (AFMH), a grassroots organisation fighting for mental health reform, with the Share Your Story project.

The purpose of Share Your Story month was to create an open discussion about mental illness, aiming to end the stigma and shame often associated with mental ill health.

We invited Australians from all walks of life to share their experiences with mental health - whether it had impacted them directly or indirectly.

Think HQ corresponded with participants and curated their stories to share on the AFMH website and its social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Throughout the month, the comments and feedback AFMH received on its social media platforms were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Think HQ was also successful in raising awareness about AFMH – the project generated an increase in 135 Facebook page likes, and its Twitter account attracted 109 new followers.

Participants also expressed relief in being able to share their story to lend a voice to those who suffer from mental ill health. We thank all our participants for their support, and willingness to talk openly about their experiences.

Due to the success of Share Your Story month, AFMH will continue to collect stories. If you are comfortable with sharing your mental health experience, you can do so at Australians for Mental Health.


The Share Your Story month was built on the back of a successful online crowdfunding and donor engagement campaign, where we raised more than $65,000.