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Commentary September 07, 2017

Our top 10 social media tips

We recently hosted an information session for NFP and government organisations to help guide them through amplifying their social media content. Social media plays a big role in our modern day lives in Australia, with 79% of Australians using social media, and 59% of them checking their social media every day.

For those who missed the workshop, here are ten top tips to take away:

1.Be strategic.

Have a strategy from the beginning. Ensure your content aligns with your key objectives. Have a niche that people can recognise as this makes for a great guide for your content creation.

2.Measure your effectiveness.

Keep track of how well your content is being received. How well are people responding to your posts? Or the time you post? Or how often you post? Knowing what your audience responds well to means you can keep doing that and keep your audience interested.

3.Don’t follow the hype.

Respond to what your audience likes. If people are responding well to something specific, let that guide future content.

4.Keep it concise.

Keep it simple. You will lose your audience if you try to fit too much in. It’s better to be clear and simple to get your message across.


Using hashtags allows for people outside your regular followers, who have an interest in what you are posting, to link up with you. This includes, geotagging your location as well as tagging other people or companies in your post. The more reach you have the better.

6.Pair it with an image.

People retain 55% more* information if it’s paired with an image. Images are eye catching and draw people in to then discover that they are interested in what you are talking about.

7.Invest your money in advertising.

Be selective with how to spend your money. Don’t expect social media to be free media. You will get more reach if you invest your money wisely in well targeted social media advertising.

8.Collaboration is key.

Working with other influencers, key stakeholders and complementary organisations can help to expand your reach as well as inject new excitement and creativity in your social media.

9.Authenticity is essential.

Having a genuine connection to your issue/cause means that you will have genuine followers that understand your objectives and correctly reflect your target audience.

10.Sharper, sharable content.

Keep your content relatable and interesting. This includes encouraging your audience to respond, reshare and repost.