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Case Studies August 26, 2015

National Australia Day Council 2015

In late 2014, Think HQ was contracted by the National Australia Day Council (NADC) to deliver supporting media relations services for Australia Day 2015. Building on the organisation’s existing media relations program, Think HQ’s main objective was to generate high-profile and in-depth media coverage exploring some of the more substantial Australia Day issues and themes – beyond the usual ‘beer and barbecues’ dialogue. The project provided an opportunity to stir robust discussion in a range of media outlets and mediums, from op-ed and contributed content, to interviews and profile pieces.

Collaborating closely with Australian of the Year state winners and national finalists, Think HQ developed and pitched interviews and tailored story angles to major print and online news publications. Activity included developing and editing op-ed content, booking interviews, and sourcing additional case studies for editorial content.

Think HQ secured positive coverage in ten major news publications nationally including:

Secured media coverage met the project brief, exploring thought provoking issues such as the importance of celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity, Australian identify and belonging, what it means to be Australian, and the significance of Australia Day’s date. Coverage was overwhelmingly positive and Think HQ received excellent feedback from journalists and talent involved.