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Commentary May 24, 2017

Meet Lauren

We sat down with Account Executive, Lauren Stanhope. Here she offers a few tips on securing your first job!

Congratulations on your promotion to Account Executive! What have you enjoyed most about your experience at Think HQ so far?

Thank you! I think the thing I like most is working with such a supportive and collaborative team. Beginning your first job straight out of uni is daunting and you never quite know what to expect, but the Think HQ team have made me feel so welcome! I’ve also really liked being able to work on such a variety of projects across the not for profit, government and social change spaces. It’s been a very busy year, but I'm looking forward to what lies ahead!

What's been the greatest challenge you've found working in a PR and Communications agency?

I found time management to be a challenge, particularly in my first few months on the job. Learning to prioritise when several projects are all due at once can be quite stressful. Uni equips you with all the background theory and industry practices, but nothing ever quite prepares you for what will be required of you at your first job. In saying that, the thing I love most about working in an agency is working on so many different projects. It’s never boring!

You secured your graduate job the day after you graduated. What advice would you give the PR students looking to get into the industry?

I think it comes down to a combination of things: networking and building a rapport with your lecturers. Your lecturers are the ones with the industry contacts! Attend all your tutorials and hand your assignments in on time. Get your name out there and demonstrate you have what it takes to succeed in the industry. Be prepared to work hard. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and remember that potential employers often look you up on social media, so keep your profiles tidy!

When you're not at Think HQ, what are you up to?

When I'm not at work, I enjoy going to the gym, reading and spending time with my family and friends.