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News May 16, 2018

Meet Kate

Meet Kate

Kate McGregor is Think HQ’s newest Senior Account Manager. An award winning communicator, specialising in partnerships and corporate social responsibility, Kate makes a fantastic new addition to the team.

Since arriving at Think HQ, you’ve gelled quickly with the team and really hit the ground running. What are your first impressions of Think HQ?

I’m extremely impressed with everybody's passion and drive to work on projects with purpose. It’s a refreshing office full of bright ideas, quick wit and friendly faces!

You’ve worked in corporate for most of your career, what spurred your decision to cross over and work in agency?

I worked in agency land for 12 months in Auckland, which gave me a taste of agency life. I really appreciate how agile you can be working in this sort of environment. I also really like that there are often more diverse projects to work on. Think HQ has the appetite to keep the business moving at a fast pace, which is exciting. Most importantly joining the team was based on a clear values alignment and my career aspirations to work on projects that have positive social and economic outcomes.

I’m currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at UNSW in conjunction with the Centre for Social Impact. I want my career to focus on creating positive social impact through smart business.

You’re a specialist in Corporate Social Responsibility and sponsorship strategy. What advice would you share with organisations looking to extend their engagement with the community with these tools?

In my experience, and this has been reiterated in my Uni literature – it’s all about alignment of values and purpose. If your organisation partners with initiatives that mean something to your people, your leaders, your customers and stakeholders, this is when you can reap the best social and economic rewards. Importantly, don’t limit your scope to positive social change, or positive economic benefits in isolation from each other.

There is a huge opportunity for the private, social and government sectors to work collaboratively to create shared value. There’s always a place for philanthropy in the world, but so much more potential can be unlocked when you apply an economic lens to social cause initiatives, or a social lens to corporate initiatives.

Has your previous experience liaising with clients changed how you think about and approach challenges as a communicator and strategist?

I’m lucky enough to have been a client and someone who serves clients on communications projects. There’s nothing like working on both sides to become more balanced in your approach to projects and dealing with people. I’m someone who always tries to think about the audience and context first. It’s really important to know as much of the full story as possible before throwing yourself into solving a problem.

What sort of challenges are you looking forward to sinking your teeth into here at Think HQ?

I’m loving being back in the fast-paced agency environment. It’s a challenge to move quickly from one project to the next, and so interesting to learn about new industries, projects and ideas along the way. I love being afforded the opportunity to regularly meet a variety of interesting professionals and community members. I’m also looking forward to adding value by thinking about my experience in CSR and sponsorship and applying that to the clients and projects that we work on.

You can connect with Kate on LinkedIn here.