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Commentary September 07, 2017

Meet Jake

Jake is one of Think HQ’s most recent additions, bolstering the video production and creative department.

You’ve joined the team at Think HQ after having spent some time working in various fast-paced commercial environments. What professional foundation have these roles provided you with as you begin in your role at Think HQ?

I’ve got a background in both software engineering development and multimedia motion design. I started off working at the MCG as a multimedia developer, a role that combined both these things. I’ve since spent time working for JB Hifi in a more microsystems and database focused role, as well as at Crown Casino more recently. There, my focus was in motion design, doing promotional videos and animations. So across all of it, I’ve had a few years worth of experience in a commercial multimedia position, and a couple of years' of experience as a commercial software engineer.

You alluded there to the broad range of roles you’ve performed so far. How does this diverse professional background influence the way you’ll approach your projects at Think HQ?

I did my degree in multimedia, with a focus on software engineering. The creative side to multimedia was something I started to enjoy a bit later on. That probably means that I can approach creative tasks with a mathematical or technical mindset. Lots of people can develop animations and they can do it the hard way, but if you know your algorithms you can write up animations and visuals using mathematical formulas, which can make your role more efficient.

Is that what you’ll bring to the team – a technical approach to our creative projects?

Yes, definitely. I’ll bring to the team a technical mind for creativity. It’s something that lends itself to areas like 3D, which is less artistic and more mathematical. I’ll never shy away from a technically heavy project. If projects need interactivity, I have that programming background and I can code creatively. Things like interactive narratives and online games are what companies sometimes like to do, and I can offer that with technical know-how to work with our strong creative team.

Is there any project you’ve done the past that stands out as a highlight?

What stands out was when I was at the MCG, I worked on a project with an Oculus Rift 3D headset, in conjunction with a third party called Oceanic Studios. We created a simulation of Shane Warne bowling a ball to you at full speed. It was one of the first Oculus Rift activations in Australia, and went on to play at the MCG cinemas and in the museum there too. It was a big project I got to be heavily involved in, working with two big passions of mine in 3D technology and virtual reality. It was a lot of fun.

What appealed to you about joining the team at Think HQ?

The role that was advertised was for someone with a broad skillset, who’ll be able to add value in a number of ways. I have skills in graphic design, motion design, game design and programming, which I think I’ll be able to use in this role. I was excited by the idea of a growing company that is able to adapt and change to bring on new ideas. That willingness to keep moving forward creatively was a strong motivating factor in joining the team.

Is game design and video games in general a passion of yours outside of work?

It definitely is. I love playing games and just seeing what they’ve done, getting some inspiration both creatively and technically. Media Molecule is one company that I admire, for how creative they are and how they empower users to be creative. Aside from games, I love my music and am always happy to just spend a night either playing guitar or sitting down listening to music.