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News June 20, 2018

Meet Gaspar

Originally from Hungary, Gaspar worked in London for over 6 years at Havas and DDB Remedy. Gaspar's appointment as Art Director strengthens our growing creative team.

You’ve mentioned that you’re passionate about concept development. Can you tell us about the creative process and some campaigns you have worked on?

Coming up with a great idea or concept is like distilling a good and strong spirit. You will use lots of ingredients in the making, but at the end it will be crystal clear and will have a good kick.

I was lucky enough to work with great teams throughout my career and we created some interesting work we are still proud of. Recently, with my previous Copywriter pair, we created a cartoon character who educates kids and adults about haemophilia and helps little ones communicate the condition with their peers. Unfortunately, there's still a stigma around this disorder.

Coming from an advertising background, can you tell us about the value of full service agencies?

The biggest value is the variety of people and talent you can find there. The diversity of professions makes it great and enables you to handle all aspects of an advertising campaign. Its offerings are unlimited.

What have you found is the most important element within a working relationship when developing art?

Being open to new ideas, solutions and to our colleagues. Positivity is another key element. Only teams that are positive and open to each other can create great work.

Working with clients in advertising is just like working in any other environment or with any other groups. I believe honesty is the most important. If you are honest, your client will see it and value it.

You’ve worked in both London and Budapest. Do you think there is much difference in communications between those countries and Australia?

In Budapest, I learnt that hard work and dedication will pay off and that this business is more like a marathon, rather than a sprint. Improving ourselves to produce strong work will take time - you shouldn't rush it, but always keep your eyes open. London was a boost. A buzzing metropolitan city where all the best talent from Europe and from all around the world flows in. It pushed me to new levels. There, I had the opportunity to widen my perspective and work on global projects. I saved all my good memories from both places to use them here in Melbourne as inspiration.

What are your first impressions of Think HQ?

Hard working people working for a great and truly valuable vision. Projects that you work on defines you. Doing good feels good. I'm happy to be a part of it.

What are you looking forward to achieving at Think HQ?

I'm looking forward to working on good causes and seeing the outcome. That is my driving force.