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News June 21, 2019

Meet Ed

Edward Connelly has joined Think HQ as an Account Coordinator.

Edward, who holds a Bachelor of Communications from RMIT, first impressed the business as an intern late last year.

So, as the business continues to expand this financial year, Founder Jen Sharpe said Edward was a natural choice to sign on full time.

“Edward immediately demonstrated that he was a good fit for the business. Not only are his values aligned, but he’s a diligent, efficient worker who has already successfully worked across planning, social media, and public relations,” she said.

“I’m very happy to have him on the team and we’re all excited to welcome him back.”

Edward, who volunteers weekly at a homeless food van, said his goal was to undertake work that benefited not only himself, but others as well.

“I’m happy to join Think HQ where I can do work of substance with good people,” he said.