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News December 15, 2016

Get to know: Nick Edrington

Senior Account Executive Nick Edrington is our newest recruit. With extensive experience in social media marketing and copywriting, Nick shares his experiences and advice below.

You’ve spent some time overseas working in a PR agency. Did you find any significant differences between working in India and Australia?

The Indian media landscape is notably different to Australia – the print industry is still very strong, and local papers have high readership. This is partly due to the affordability and accessibility of traditional print, but also the variety of languages – there are 22 official languages across India.

I had exposure to corporate multinationals, luxury property developers and even the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as clients. Pitching stories about Australia, as an Australian in India to the Indian media was a great experience – on occasion journalists couldn’t understand my accent on the phone!

The work culture in Mumbai is interesting, you’d often stay back at the office until 7pm or later, however when I arrived at 9am I’d often be one of the first people in. My colleagues were fantastic and very welcoming. We’d often share food and eat together at lunchtime, what surprised me was this friendly culture existed in one of India’s largest agencies – they were great and we’re still in touch.

Having spent several years in copywriting, do you have any quick tips for digital content writers?

Assume no one wants to read it. Typically, digital content is disruptive. It’s presented in a social media feed or a display ad and it needs to get the reader’s interest. They didn’t seek out your content, so you need to get them excited. But don’t make click-bait.

To keep it brief:

  • I’m a big believer in TLDR (Too long, didn’t read)
  • Vary your formatting to attract the reader’s eye and keep them going, and embrace bullet point
  • Remember who you’re audience is (hey!) and tailor your writing to them
  • Write with purpose – ensure it relates back to your key messages.

How has social media evolved since you first started your career?

Social Media is no longer the darling of the business and communications industries.

Whereas organisations were once sceptical of social media, it entered a honeymoon period where brands rushed to ‘be social’ – arguably with great promise and poor planning that resulted in many weak campaigns and disappointing returns.

Once the domain of interns and layman, its now appreciated that Social Media is a communications staple, but it requires strategic planning in order to be effective. In managing social media assets for small and medium enterprises, I found that there was inconsistency in how the value and opportunity in social media was communicated.

My interest is in relating social media activity to measurable business objectives and outcomes. I have a passion for consulting organisations on solutions that balance the excitement of social media with the pragmatism of business.

The most interesting evolution in social media is that media buyers and advertisers are now holding Facebook and other platforms to account in ensuring reliability and consistency of their metrics.

You’re also the Marketing Director for GLOBE Melbourne, a networking organisation for LGBTQ+ professionals and business owners. What has been the most rewarding aspect of this role for you?

I’ve found it rewarding to challenge myself by restructuring the subcommittee and positions, leading others, and undertaking projects such as a review of GLOBE’s communications and assets – including an upcoming website redevelopment.

However most rewarding is the people I’ve met. GLOBE provides an environment where I’ve made great friends and met fantastic role models. Growing up gay means you rarely see people in the media or day-to-day life who you can identify with. Meeting successful same-sex attracted business people is a tremendous opportunity.

Since beginning your career in communications, what has been the most valuable advice you received?

Be humble, be useful and give everything a go. Make sacrifices, make mistakes and learn.


Get in touch with Nick at or connect with him on LinkedIn.