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Commentary December 09, 2016

Easy ways to boost your social media presence

During our Deconstructing Digital workshop, many participants were keen to pick up tips on improving social media content and engagement.

This is what our Graphic Designer, Georgie, and Digital Strategist, Jane, advised.

Use better images

Social media content is more engaging when it is visually appealing. Avoid grainy or pixelated photos, and opt for powerful infographics, quotes and high quality images.

We recommend building up a database of your own images, or use free stock images on sites like Unsplash or Pexels.

Find the face behind the story

We’re naturally attracted to emotions and stories we can relate to. When trying to communicate a message or event, a human element should be incorporated to add impact and leave a long-lasting impression.

Make events digitally interactive

With the rise of shareable bite-size videos on various social media platforms, create a Snapchat GeoFilter and have your attendees promote your event by sharing branded snapchats. The more unique and fun your filter is, the more likely attendees will use it and send to their friends.

Pay attention to the little things

We often see this on many social media accounts – tagging the wrong organisation, creating lengthy hashtags people won’t use or using the aforementioned features where inappropriate.

When tagging organisations, ensure it’s the correct one and not another organisation with a similar name. When creating a hashtag for an event or campaign, keep it short, memorable and unique.

It’s also important to know when not to use these features. Avoid using hashtags on LinkedIn as it’s only searchable on the app, and don’t attempt to tag anyone if you’re posting as an organisation as this feature isn’t supported.