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Commentary February 09, 2016

Above All Human

Our Account Director and Digital Strategist Jane Metlikovec recently attended the Above All Human conference in Melbourne, an event for innovators and entrepreneurs.

Here are some of Jane’s insights from the conference.

Think HQ: What was the most insightful aspect about Above All Human? Who was your favourite speaker?

Jane: It was fantastic to hear from so many leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, both home-grown and from across the seas. However, the highlights for me were Anil Daish and Kate Morris.

Anil, an American technology and blogging giant, gave a powerful presentation about using technology for good. He believes that digital communicators need to stop creating for the top five per cent, and start directing their efforts towards creating digital solutions for those who have the least. His vision is a perfect reflection of Think HQ’s philosophy and why we exist – to work on projects of substance.

Kate Morris, the founder of AdoreBeauty, Australia’s first online beauty store, was absolutely inspiring. She spoke so openly about the challenges she faced, how she overcame them, her uncertainties and successes. I felt really lucky to hear her story.

Think HQ: What exciting digital advancements did the conference showcase?

Jane: I had the opportunity to try an Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, which was fantastic. I am so excited about the future of digital marketing across both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) platforms. Being able to have a first look at the possibilities was really inspiring. I fully expect to be creating in VR and AR spaces within five years, so that was great first-look.

Think HQ: What are your hopes and predictions for the future of digital communications and the communications industry?

Jane: Aside from VR and AR, I hope that we are heading to a friendlier digital environment. That may sound naïve, but it is possible with the right people working on stamping out some of the poorest digital behaviour we see today like cyber bullying, cyber threats and cyber attacks.

I also soon expect to see next generation software building tools, including something similar to WordPress for Apps. I think technology will continue to automate a lot of the process-driven aspects in communications.

At the conference, I also saw a shift in attitude with professional recruitment. The speakers were drawn towards those who displayed creativity and empathy. For them, it was more about one’s ideas and values more than technical prowess.

Think HQ: What does innovation mean to you?

Jane: Trying different things, failing many times and succeeding sometimes. Having supportive people around you who motivate you to take risks, understand your stresses and celebrate your wins. The best innovation, on both massive and miniscule levels, contributes to a better world. The best innovators are genuinely good people who care about others and want to leave a positive mark on the world.

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