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  • Commentary March 13, 2018

    What is Lumin?

    What is Lumin?

    The recently launched Lumin is an online learning platform for the development of marketing, social media and communications skills.

    Created by communications agency Think HQ, Lumin is designed specifically for the social change and community sectors.

    Founder of Lumin and Think HQ, Jen Sharpe created the platform to empower and educate organisations in their communications efforts.

    “From working with clients in this space, we understand that the reality is many organisations don’t have the budget and resources to engage a communications agency, but desperately need this knowledge and guidance.”

    Lumin is designed to account for all levels of experience, empowering those who have little experience to learn the basics but also for those who already have some knowledge on the topic to build upon this.

    Video courses with Think HQ experts educate Lumin members on the basics of setting up a Facebook page, writing a media release, pitching to the press and more.

    Lumin provides...

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  • Commentary December 19, 2017

    Holiday season is fundraising season, but a helping hand could be what NFPs need

    Australia’s generosity is declining. A lack of spending recorded in recent months leaves us thinking about the impact this may have on the social change sector during the festive season.

    The Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index 2017, released in September, ranked Australia sixth across the globe. That’s a drop of three places, knocking Australia out of the top five. We’ve been overtaken by Myanmar, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand and the USA.

    The outcomes of the 2017 CAF Giving Index, and low consumer spending, highlight the need to challenge thinking on how we frame giving for Australians who aren’t in a position to give money to charity. There are many opportunities to encourage Australians to participate in alternate ways and continue the dialogue about how Australians can make an impact at this time of year.

    For many not-for-profits, volunteers form the foundations of their organisations. The Australian Charities report 2016 found that 1.3 million Australians are employed...

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  • Commentary December 18, 2017

    Top 10 LinkedIn tips

    We recently had the privilege of hosting LinkedIn for a workshop focused on creating engaging content for company pages.

    The top 5 reasons LinkedIn members engage with content:

    • It’s educational or informative
    • It’s relevant to me
    • It’s inspiring
    • It helps with skill development
    • It shares the latest industry trends

    Further to this, here are our top ten takeaways from the workshop:

    1. Helpful, inspiring, entertaining, timely content

    Ensure the content you create for LinkedIn fits into one of these categories. This could include sharing a success story, a short video or commentary on a topical issue.

    1. Your content should have a visual brand

    Your audience is more likely to engage and click content that is visually appealing and fits your brand. Stick to your organisation’s brand guidelines by creating simple templates. These can be created using free tools mentioned below. Companies who do this well include Google and Medibank.

    1. Shoot your own photos

    Using your own photos is an easy way...

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  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Meet Jake

    Jake is one of Think HQ’s most recent additions, bolstering the video production and creative department.

    You’ve joined the team at Think HQ after having spent some time working in various fast-paced commercial environments. What professional foundation have these roles provided you with as you begin in your role at Think HQ?

    I’ve got a background in both software engineering development and multimedia motion design. I started off working at the MCG as a multimedia developer, a role that combined both these things. I’ve since spent time working for JB Hifi in a more microsystems and database focused role, as well as at Crown Casino more recently. There, my focus was in motion design, doing promotional videos and animations. So across all of it, I’ve had a few years worth of experience in a commercial multimedia position, and a couple of years' of experience as a commercial software engineer.

    You alluded there to the broad range of roles you’ve performed so far. How does this...

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  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Meet Andy

    Andy is a recent addition to the Think HQ team. As Director of Interactive and Creative, Andy has worked on many creative projects in the communications industry all over the world. His short film, 'Mrs McCutcheon', recently won the Best Australian Short Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival and has been nominated for an AACTA Award.

    You’ve joined Think HQ after an extensive career in delivering creative projects and services. Is there any particular project you have worked on in your career that stands out as the most meaningful?

    I was lucky enough to work in several areas within the communications industry. My highlights would be delivering the 2010 and 2011 Samsung Forums in Latin America as technical director. The Samsung Forum is a technology event with conferences and trade show where Samsung reveals to consumers what they have in store for the year. The scale and complexity of the event were daunting but we managed to deliver with success.

    In the transmedia...

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