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  • News January 28, 2020

    Better Off With You

    We’re proud to have helped SANE Australia develop Better Off With You; a new suicide prevention campaign pilot launched last week.

    The campaign features six real stories told by local people with experience of suicidal thoughts and attempts.

    Through peer-to-peer story telling, the campaign aims to speak directly to people who might be having suicidal thoughts and show them how people who have felt that way have been able to come out the other side.

    The campaign is being piloted in the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday region of Queensland, and on the Northern Beaches in New South Wales for six weeks, from Monday 20 January until Friday 28 February 2020.

    Our work included:

    • Developing the campaign brand
    • Building the website, to deliver separate, specific content to each of the pilot areas
    • Creating digital marketing materials, including social media advertising content for each location
    • Producing stakeholder packs for local organisations and individuals to share the campaign
    • Developing...
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  • Commentary January 28, 2020

    5 tips for effective media relations

    By Lauren Everett

    Media relations is about understanding how the ever-changing media landscape operates, and knowing what journalists want, to effectively generate editorial coverage.

    Which is important, because editorial is a powerful tool. It builds credibility, leveraging an independent source to communicate a message, often with a greater depth of information when compared to advertising. When done right, earned coverage can deliver impressive results and help journalists tackle their everyday pressures.

    1. Timing is everything

    To get your story in the news and keep a good relationship with whoever you’re pitching to, think about their editorial schedule before picking up the phone or sending in a pitch.

    The general rule of thumb is to send your pitch before the journalist decides what they are going to cover for the day, between 7.30 am and 10 am.

    That said, media pitching isn’t a blanket approach and will differ depending on the medium’s news cycle. Check what time...

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  • News January 08, 2020

    How to help others, and look after yourself, during the bushfires

    The bushfire threat is terrible and ongoing. Like all Australians, we are thinking of our loved ones impacted by fire, and all we’ve lost: the people, homes, animals and natural assets. We’re thankful for the emergency services, responders and governments that are slogging their guts out to help them. We know we’ll get through this together.

    Here are some ways you can help others – and, importantly, yourself – during bushfires.

    1. Donate

    Cash donations are the best way to help from afar. (Donations of good create the administrative burden of distribution.) Obviously not everyone can give, but every little bit helps.

    Give to Red Cross.

    Give to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

    Give to Wildlife Victoria.

    2. Get ready and stay ready for the risk of fire

    There are some simple steps you can take to be ready in the event you come under threat from bushfire:

    • Prepare and practice a bushfire plan – know where you’ll go and how – visit for more.
    • Follow advice from emergency...
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  • News January 07, 2020

    Tips for turning your internship into that first job

    By Riley O’Farrell

    I started a public relations internship with Think HQ in July because, with one year left of my degree and a highly competitive industry awaiting me, I wanted to distinguish myself, expand my knowledge and experience a deeper insight into the dynamic world of public relations.

    I was immediately attracted to Think HQ’s values, clients and meaningful projects they have delivered to help create positive social change. Their work with the Organ and Tissue Authority, Respect Victoria and projects with Department of Social Services were notable projects that stood out to me.

    After overcoming some first day nerves, meeting the team and developing a deeper insight into the numerous projects that Think HQ work on that truly make a difference, I knew I was in the right place.

    As my internship came to an end, to my delight I was offered work 4 days a week with Think HQ, that I have balanced with my studies and other commitments. This was a rewarding and exciting moment, and...

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