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  • News June 20, 2018

    Meet Gaspar

    Originally from Hungary, Gaspar worked in London for over 6 years at Havas and DDB Remedy. Gaspar's appointment as Art Director strengthens our growing creative team.

    You’ve mentioned that you’re passionate about concept development. Can you tell us about the creative process and some campaigns you have worked on?

    Coming up with a great idea or concept is like distilling a good and strong spirit. You will use lots of ingredients in the making, but at the end it will be crystal clear and will have a good kick.

    I was lucky enough to work with great teams throughout my career and we created some interesting work we are still proud of. Recently, with my previous Copywriter pair, we created a cartoon character who educates kids and adults about haemophilia and helps little ones communicate the condition with their peers. Unfortunately, there's still a stigma around this disorder.

    Coming from an advertising background, can you tell us about the value of full service agencies?

    The biggest...

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  • News June 06, 2018

    Meet Neil

    We spoke to Red Agency founder Neil Travers, Think HQ’s Strategic Advisor.

    You career has spanned Burson-Marsteller in Hong Kong, Director of Pacific Strategies and Founder of Red Agency. What aspect of your career gives you the most satisfaction?

    After many years working as an in-house PR practitioner in both government and private sectors, the move to finally back my judgement and establish my own agency bought home the incredible challenges faced by thousands of small start-up professional services firms. It raised questions like “what are the services you are actually offering?”, “What is your real point of difference to many other great agencies, big and small?”, “How do you establish smart processes and systems that will turn a ‘one man band’ into a viable business?” – the list goes on.

    Successfully navigating these start-up issues to build an agency - one that delivers effective work to appreciative clients and became known in the industry as a great place to work – that is...

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  • News June 05, 2018

    Meet Jane

    Jane is a recent recruit to the senior leadership team of both Think HQ and Lumin. Jane has worked across corporate, advertising and not for profit. In her most recent position she oversaw the rebranding for The Tipping Foundation prior to the merger with House with No Steps, establishing the largest disability provider in Australia.

    Jane has stepped into the role of Business Development Manager at Think HQ’s sister organisation Lumin. Jane is instrumental part of the team at Lumin - bringing communications capacity building to a growing number of organisations in the social change and NFP sector.

    We sat with Jane to learn more about her extensive career.

    Working at Grey Worldwide for 15 years and moving on to not for profit The Tipping Foundation, what drives you professionally and what do you attribute your success to?

    I was at Grey Worldwide and worked through the ranks prior to being appointed Managing Director. I was MD of Grey Melbourne and Canberra for around 5 years of that...

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  • News June 04, 2018

    The Devil is in the Data?

    This year’s PRMC student forum explored how the communications industry interacts with, and leverages big data.

    Big data currently has an ugly media rap, creating fear and mistrust. Think Cambridge Analytica, and the noise around Google’s data practices. While questionable ethically, these are examples of the practical applications of data in communication. Data can tell businesses a story about consumers - providing insight into their preferences and behaviour, offering opportunities to create and deliver targeted communications. Sounds like a communicator’s dream, right? Or like Newscorp executive Peter Judd suggested, does it signal the end of independent thought, personal autonomy and even democracy?

    We didn’t leave with all the answers, but we did walk away with a lot to consider:

    • Don Sharples from Altometer Business Intelligence made it clear that the way we use and collect data is continually evolving with disruptive technology and our need to “surprise and...

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