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  • Case Studies September 11, 2017

    EPA Organisational Strategy

    Think HQ worked with the EPA to communicate its new organisational strategy, ‘Our environment, Our health’, which will deliver better outcomes for Victoria. We created an animated video to communicate the key messages of the strategy, and an interactive microsite to allow EPA team members and the general public to view and understand the new strategy, its goals and how they’ll be delivered upon.

    You can view the 'Our environment, Our health' microsite at

    We have since worked with the EPA to communicate the importance of checking the water quality before we go swimming - check out our work here.

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  • News September 08, 2017

    WorkSafe Victoria Regional Breakfast Series

    In 2017, Think HQ worked with WorkSafe Victoria to deliver a Regional Roadshow event series across Victoria, with the purpose of engaging and informing communities on a range of workplace safety changes.

    These included updates
 to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and eight new Compliance Codes, while also providing information 
on WorkSafe’s new strategic direction and upcoming 2017 Health and Safety Month.

    Through research with Regional Operations Managers and Senior Team Members, five event locations were identified: Geelong, Mildura, Traralgon, Bendigo and Ballarat.

    Project objectives:

    -Secure attendees for each of the five WorkSafe breakfast events.

    -Inform the community on important changes, measured through:

    -Positive feedback collected via a post-event survey 

    -Securing registrations to Health and Safety Month newsletters. 

    Our work involved:

    Concept & creative

    Think HQ developed the event concept and theme to give the events a unique identity. This included...

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  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Meet Jake

    Jake is one of Think HQ’s most recent additions, bolstering the video production and creative department.

    You’ve joined the team at Think HQ after having spent some time working in various fast-paced commercial environments. What professional foundation have these roles provided you with as you begin in your role at Think HQ?

    I’ve got a background in both software engineering development and multimedia motion design. I started off working at the MCG as a multimedia developer, a role that combined both these things. I’ve since spent time working for JB Hifi in a more microsystems and database focused role, as well as at Crown Casino more recently. There, my focus was in motion design, doing promotional videos and animations. So across all of it, I’ve had a few years worth of experience in a commercial multimedia position, and a couple of years' of experience as a commercial software engineer.

    You alluded there to the broad range of roles you’ve performed so far. How does this...

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  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Meet Andy

    Andy is a recent addition to the Think HQ team. As Director of Interactive and Creative, Andy has worked on many creative projects in the communications industry all over the world. His short film, 'Mrs McCutcheon', recently won the Best Australian Short Film at the Melbourne International Film Festival and has been nominated for an AACTA Award.

    You’ve joined Think HQ after an extensive career in delivering creative projects and services. Is there any particular project you have worked on in your career that stands out as the most meaningful?

    I was lucky enough to work in several areas within the communications industry. My highlights would be delivering the 2010 and 2011 Samsung Forums in Latin America as technical director. The Samsung Forum is a technology event with conferences and trade show where Samsung reveals to consumers what they have in store for the year. The scale and complexity of the event were daunting but we managed to deliver with success.

    In the transmedia...

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  • News September 07, 2017

    Jean Hailes for Women's Health microsite

    Jean Hailes recently launched the results of their 2017 Jean Hailes for Women’s Health survey. Think HQ has worked with Jean Hailes, from collecting data, to interpreting and communicating the results in a purpose built microsite. From launch, thousands of people around Australia have visited the site – with an average time on page of more than four minutes.

    You can check out the results at

    To secure responses from over 10,000 women in Australia, Think HQ undertook a mixture of stakeholder engagement and social media advertising. This represented a 209% increase on the 3,236 responses recorded in 2016. You can read more about this work here:

  • Commentary September 07, 2017

    Our top 10 social media tips

    We recently hosted an information session for NFP and government organisations to help guide them through amplifying their social media content. Social media plays a big role in our modern day lives in Australia, with 79% of Australians using social media, and 59% of them checking their social media every day.

    For those who missed the workshop, here are ten top tips to take away:

    1.Be strategic.

    Have a strategy from the beginning. Ensure your content aligns with your key objectives. Have a niche that people can recognise as this makes for a great guide for your content creation.

    2.Measure your effectiveness.

    Keep track of how well your content is being received. How well are people responding to your posts? Or the time you post? Or how often you post? Knowing what your audience responds well to means you can keep doing that and keep your audience interested.

    3.Don’t follow the hype.

    Respond to what your audience likes. If people are responding well to something specific, let...

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