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  • News September 28, 2016

    Meet Anna Chalko

    Our Group Account Director, Anna Chalko, is a media relations expert with over 16 years' experience in the industry.

    You’ve worked in public relations for a number of years across corporate, government and now philanthropic sectors. What changes have you noticed in that time?

    There’s definitely been a shift to more visual content and the use of social media has no doubt grown. Creative storytelling and good writing are still highly valued. Both are important when trying to make the complex, simple and interesting for the audience you are trying to reach.

    Newsrooms are shrinking yet we’re being bombarded with junk news more than ever. What is your advice for not-for-profits who want to communicate their message effectively in the media?

    We’re all guilty of succumbing to click-bait, but quality stories about issues that matter are still sought after, as are timely opinion pieces. Be clear on what your story is, and what it is that you ultimately want to achieve by telling it. Focus...

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  • News September 28, 2016

    Top tools our clients love

    Communications is about more than just innate skills – the tools we use can make a big difference too!

    At Think HQ, we’ve tried and tested countless project management and communications programs over the years. Here are some of our current favourites, used by many of our clients.


    Best described as Google Docs on steroids. From spreadsheets that can organise your projects (social media content calendar and GANTT charts are our favourites), to HR and financial record keeping, Smartsheet is a top all-rounder. Users can invite others to edit, add and annotate spreadsheets, so it’s easy to track each other’s progress.


    A fantastic social media management tool, this platform lets users schedule posts in advance, and provides analytics and suggested optimum times to publish content. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts can be viewed simultaneously thanks to the clever dashboard interface. Highly recommended for clients who post social media content... Read More
  • News September 25, 2016

    We're looking for a front end web developer

    We're looking for a front end web developer

    Are you keen to make a difference in the world through your digital creativity, programming nous and web design skills?

    Are you into making creative, engaging and easy to use websites, apps and digital tools across full project spectrums from conception to delivery?

    Can you think mobile-first and do you always keep UX front-of-mind when creating digital solutions?

    Think HQ is a South Melbourne communications agency specialising in projects that matter. We are a team of 10 and we work with some of Australia’s most well known not-for-profits and social change advocates.

    We are seeking a full-time junior to mid-level frontend developer (with some full stack skills) who is enthusiastic to make a real change through their work and to have fun doing it.

    If you have a year or two experience working full time as a developer, or if you are a freelancer looking to be part of a growing team, this could be the place for you.

    Ideally we are after...

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